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TRS: The Right Space


July 2015 Planetary Gazette

The Driver, by John G. Johnson
Less Is More: Being vs. Doing, by
Patricia (Trish) A. Muehsam, M.D.
What Would Your World Look Like If You Lived in Flow?, by
Carolyn Goldfarb
Obstacles, by
Anne Rae Arenfeld, Ph.D.
Cartoon Corner, by
Beatrice Rich
Cosmic Currents, July 2015, by
Faith Linda Weissman
Summer Spotlight: Healthy Recipes, by
Irina Gubenko


Independence Day

July 4, 2015

The Driver by John G. Johnson

How many times have we seen this scenario in films: A character gathers his/her resources and single-mindedly chases a goal, claims it--only to discover the goal wasn't worth it, or it wasn't what they hoped it would be. This is
after they've spent extra-ordinary amounts of time, energy and resources striving for it. Sounds backwards, right? Well, movies aren't life; but they can imitate aspects of it, even teach us something about ourselves and nature.

People in the public eye who we think "have it all" surprise most of us when they self-destruct or abandon a coveted position or social role. What they've done compels most of us to naturally go in search of answers, starting with questions like, "Why?" or "How?" Or we make statements such as, "Look at all they had," "If I were them, I would never have done what they did!" "They're stupid," etc. We make these kinds of judgments and form our opinions because we are using our filters, points of views, and values to see their world as opposed to seeing the world the way they do. If you have a heart and consider yourself a part of the human race, then you, too, are vulnerable to such reversal of desire, not just movie characters or public figures. If you are a self-reflecting person, abandoning something you once chased isn't bad because you can and do learn something about yourself that you can use to improve the quality of your life. ("Live long and prosper," as Mr. Spock would say, in mind, body, and spirit. R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy.)

Having goals does make for healthy living; they help to add meaning and purpose to our life, but can any goal do the aforementioned? Which one specifically? Sure, we can chase anything and say we are adding substance to our life, but
are you sure that what you are seeking to grasp will give you and your life satisfaction? If so, great. If you don't know, then that's something to look into. Goals exist to satisfy a "need"; a need that's been awakened, is excited and is yearning to settle down. The clearer we are on what this need is, the better our chances are that we will choose the appropriate goal, with the added benefit that your resources will be utilized with precision. Take for example your standard action movie, Taken 1, starring Liam Neeson. Antagonists have kidnapped the protagonist's daughter with the intent on selling her on the black market. The antagonists' actions have awakened a clearly defined need in the protagonist who then chooses the appropriate goal and will take the "necessary steps" to reach it so that his need--safety for his family--is satisfied.

Moving from the world of fiction into the real one, most of us know that billionaire Bill Gates left the company he founded to pursue philanthropic goals. What need could he be satisfying by taking this bold step? Each of us has needs that are personal. Being aware of them, as previously stated, will help us to choose the right goals that will satisfy them. If you are pursuing a goal, the following questions will help you to become aware of your need. Also, pay attention to your experience and check to see if the pursuit of the goal will satisfy that particular need:

What is this goal rea
lly about?
What will reaching this goal do for me or give me?
Why is this goal so important?
Is the goal I'm pursuing going to satisfy my need?

John G. Johnson is a licensed NLP trainer with the Society of NLP, a Creativity Enhancement Trainer and a Personal Success Coach. He's conducted workshops in the United States, Jamaica and Europe. John is only interested in "what works." His teaching style is unique and innovative. He uses a multi-disciplinary approach as well as cutting-edge teaching strategies to firmly ground his students in the time-tested principles, techniques, and strategies of NLP. In addition, John is a screenwriting instructor and story-analyst, as well as an accomplished martial-artist. For workshops, newsletters, and events, www.NLPSucce

Less Is More: Being vs. Doing by Patricia (Trish) A. Muehsam, M.D.

I'm writing this on a rainy Friday in New York City, early afternoon--the perfect time for a nap. Some of you may not readily relate to the nap idea. You may find naps unproductive, a waste of time, an inherent impediment to leading a meaningful and fruitful life. Others of you may feel that your lifestyle or circumstances simply cannot afford such indulgence.

For those of you who find naps unappealing and maybe even incompatible with your daily existence, please consider otherwise and read on. In this piece, I'll be explain how resting (which could include napping) and actually doing less, not more, can optimize your health and wellbeing.

Many of us live our days and lives as if on a treadmill, keeping up the pace to a pre-set rate, rarely getting off to exhale, to rest, until the very end of the day. Fact is, neither the mind nor the body was designed for non-stop activity. We're more apt to function at our best like the local train, slowing down and stopping, pausing briefly, in between the stations of our day.

This pausing can have profound and transformative effects on our health. This pausing allows our bodymind to enter the state needed for relaxation, rejuvenation, and healing. It calms our nervous system. It turns on our physiologic toggle switches for getting well and staying well.

In fact, it affects all areas of our lives. This pausing releases our attachments to any thoughts and/or emotions that may be hindering us. It allows us to experience other states of consciousness that can offer us insights, inspiration, and answers. And this pausing cultivates being, more than doing. Doing less. Being more. And we can reap the fruits of doing less, allowing for more.

How to pause. How to cultivate the power of doing less. Cultivating stillness and mindfulness are ways to enable this pausing, this being more and doing less.

The easiest way to begin is with the breath, with breath awareness via slow, relaxed breathing. Then, from this place of breath awareness, mindfulness and meditation practices can take you further.

Mindfulness is simply about being here, now. Being in the moment with whatever you are doing, whatever is going on. Doing one thing at a time. Not multitasking.

Meditation is a practice in mindfulness. It you don't have a daily practice, take a class, join a group, explore online resources for guided meditations.

And, speaking of online resources, going off-line can be helpful too. The speediness of our daily lives, the pace and immediacy of our connections to one another, with computers, the internet, and cell phones, can challenge our experience of mindfulness. Of changing from the express train to the local. Of this stopping to pause.

If you're like meand you're surrounded by quite a few of these communications devices, try experimenting with taking mini-breaks from them. Pause before engaging. Turn your devices off when they're usually on. Or don't leave them "usually on" at all. Don't always pick up the phone when it rings, or read the email when it appears in your inbox. Don't reply right away. And even experiment with what a colleague of mine calls "electronic sundowns." At the end of the day, when dusk arrives and our planetary cycles offer us time for rest, turn off your electronic devices.

And see what happens. I guarantee you'll find at least a little more peace of mind and peace in body. It's simple, it's easy, and it's available to you now, in this very moment. And you don't even need to make time for a nap. It's literally only a pause and breath away.

Patricia (Trish) Muehsam, M.D. is the Founder of Transformational Medicine, a holistic and individualized approach to healing, wellness and living. Her work draws from traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, the medical therapeutic applications of yoga, as well as the spiritual themes of these traditions, and also from contemporary mindbody medicine practices. She offers workshops, teleseminars, writings, health consultations and mindbody healing sessions, in addition to continuing education for physicians and medical students.

What Would Your World Look Like if You Lived in Flow? by Carolyn Goldfarb

I have recently been experiencing living "in Flow," and I have to say, I have been amazed how much my life has improved, my attitude has shifted to being optimistic, relaxed, and happy. By being "in Flow," I am attracting more positive experiences, a higher level of connections with others, and reduced stress, fear and worry. In addition, I am attracting more abundance and success. Life has fewer struggles, and my to-do list is almost effortless! I have gained a new perspective over challenges that show up. What is living "in Flow" exactly? I'd heard and read about the concept, but no one could actually tell me how to do it in a practical way. What does it mean and what does it entail to live "in Flow"?

To live in Flow means to live in a more relaxed state where you are connected to your divine nature, and your desires. It is living by your authentic self and not the illusion of what you have been told to be by society, your parents or your friends. It is a very high form of self-love. To live in Flow you are ready to receive what life has in-store for you. All those possibilities become plausible. Your goals get closer. You not only see your full potential, but now you know it is attainable. Flow is Universal energy, God source or the Creator, depending on your belief system, flowing through and around you. It wants only to provide you with your desires and plans you have laid out for yourself before you entered the body. If you allow your Soul and Source to work with you, for you, then as you follow your desire with action, you get the results you have been searching for every day of your life.

How to recognize your desires and what you truly want over what you think you want. Here are some ways to move into Flow:

1) You want to take a particular class, but you have way too much to do before and after the class to take that time for yourself. You cannot see how you can indulge yourself to take the day to be in the class, but how can you not? So, knowing you want to be in the class, you then keep your mind and energy focused on wanting to be in that class. You see yourself there taking the class, and you imagine moving pins or pieces of your 'to-dos' around like a chessboard of your life. Then, by actually moving a few of the pins or pieces of your to-do list during the week, it allows you to create space in your schedule for you to attend the workshop. You might have to enlist some help, or cancel or move a couple of non-essential activities to another week, which will make room for the most important things to get done. Lastly, imagine you have the money to pay for the class, and then the money comes to you through a client booking, or a sale, or you saved for it each day. Then, as you follow your heart and your desire, what your Soul wants, you sign up for the class, and you are now going! That is living in Flow!

2) You have a creative idea, but you keep shoving it down because it is not practical from your Ego's perspective from its limited vantage point on Earth and with only past experiences from this current life as a reference point. If you had the Universe's perspective up high, and all over, it most like is very plausible. You just have to take action toward your goal, and the Universe provides the "How" as you go along in making your idea a reality. Its called 'Trust" in the Flow.

3) You are not sure where to sit at an event. So, you look around the room, and there happens to be someone who is more "lit" up to you then the others. Go sit next to him or her. See why his light is brighter to you than the others. Make a new connection. Say hello. What will you learn from this new connection? Will it be a new friendship? A new romance? Or is it just a pleasant evening sitting next to a magnetic person?

4) You feel that you should do something productive, but your body wants to sleep. Take a nap. Now, see how much more you get accomplished than if you had not taken that nap!

5) You have desired to learn Spanish. Take a class or do an online program. See where the language leads you and how it enhances your life.

6) You know you need to call the ten clients that your boss wants you to call, but there are five other prospects that feel more alive to you. Call the five brighter ones first. There is more potential business in the ones that have more energy to you than the calls you are told to make by someone else. If one of the ten has a magnetic pull to you, then, of course, add them in to the "must call" first column. See who buys or wants to know more!

With regard to living your life in Flow, look for the magnetic pull. What lights up for you? What gets you excited and happy? What drives you? These are the questions that point you toward your desires and that keep you on your life path that you designed yourself. Remember that you are your Life's creator, and as challenges come up, think about what an interesting opportunity you created to learn something. Then, ask yourself, "How do I get into the Flow so I can get myself beyond this challenge?"

That is living in Flow. Go with what lights you up, follow your desires, and your path to where it leads you. It does not mean you don't take responsibility for your life, your job, or your kids, etc. It just means staying in alignment with your higher purpose, with Universal energy, and the Earth you live on. It makes it much easier to stay out of fear when you know you are supported, loved, and you trust you above all else and all others.

Carolyn Goldfarb is a Licensed Soul Therapist®, and has been certified from Soul Therapy School International, Toronto Canada. In addition, to assisting individuals utilizing Soul Therapy, Carolyn is a Past Life Regressionist and has been certified by The International Association of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy & Training Institute in Toronto, Canada. Carolyn's mission is to assist individuals in their realignment with their soul, life purpose, divine essence and true magnificence
Contact: car,

Obstacles by Anne Rae Arenfeld, Ph.D.

Fears, phobias, anger, and frustration are obstacles to be eliminated. Life will change as soon as one understands the reason why these obstacles feel the way they do. The energy within the body generated by these obstacles can attract negative forces that inhibit the way someone wants to perform in their everyday life. But everyone is free to lead their thoughts for the lesson to be learned. Entering the path of knowledge allows one access to the freedom and wisdom that is already within.

When a person thinks of an approaching danger, panic sets in. The danger itself does not produce the fear. It is the belief of a potential situation that brings about the hazardous state of being. Doubts start to develop and suspicion arises. The expectations of danger have already triggered the emotions within the mind. These feelings are not unusual, but they interfere with life. Physical symptoms occur, such as stomach cramps, shortness of breath, blood pressure and temperature changes, or headaches. Whether the source of fear is seeing something that arouses phobias, speaking to someone who is intimidating, crossing a busy street, traveling on a boat, asking someone for help, or worries of rejection, the physical symptoms are more or less the same.

When an object, animal, or plant becomes the cause of a persistent fear, the person does not see it as irrational. Fear begins to take over when the person is not in control of the situation. However, the mind can overcome the consequences of fear, and when confronting an issue that is inescapable, fear's power is diminished. These fearful and anxious events can be vanquished. When uneasiness and pain are experienced towards the imminent source of danger, allowing a physical outcome does replace the fear. Learning how to negate and reject the fact that physical and mental symptoms are associated with the unpleasant events, fear and anxiety are no longer in complete charge of the situation.

When remembering a recent panic attack, a person can recall, among other symptoms, their inability to speak and difficulties in swallowing. In this case, mouth and throat are controlling the physical state. Everyone knows that a person is able to actually speak, swallow and produce saliva. This is a constant process. Therefore, when a panic attack occurs, thought control must immediately take effect. Fear does not have to be avoided, and very often this is where the misconception begins. To be fully aware of the fact that it is indeed possible to speak and swallow properly, it immediately sends the mind an important message. When the tension subsides, a word or sentence must be said in accord with the actual situation. This allows complete control of the circumstances.

To deal with fear is easily possible because it is the thoughts that are in control and not the object of the phobia itself. In fear of rejection, the less someone experiences that fear, the more the odds of receiving positive responses will occur. A rejection makes the person angry. The anxiety of that unpleasant feeling is the cause of fear. When faced with a rejection issue, one must remember to face the consequences with a better approach each time it arises.

As an example:

Imagine that you are in a situation where you know, and are certain, that you will experience rejection. Take all the time you need and choose any circumstances you wish. It does not have to be something that happened in reality.
Next, immediately accept it as you read this paragraph. Accept it again since you have already programmed yourself at the beginning of this example that it will inevitably happen.
Now, at last, walk away from the situation feeling that you succeeded. In sum, you saw and experienced the situation. You knew in advance that rejection was inevitable. You accepted it.
Repeat this a few times during the course of a day or a week. After a few "rejection sessions," you will realize that it was not the worst thing that happened to you. You may not always receive the rejection you anticipated, contrary to what you thought could happen. As a matter of fact, you might unexpectedly receive approvals a few times.

Here's another exercise for dealing with anxiety and fear:
Start with breathing and relaxation with eyes closed.
Think about a fear or anxiety recently experienced, e.g., someone rejected you, a car drove past at great speed and brought fear to the mind, an interview for a new position, walking in a remote area, a strange animal crossed your path, etc.
Choose a current circumstance. Review the event, experience the physical uneasiness, and remember your thoughts at that moment. Take all the time you need to carefully review the situation.
1) Cause: See the cause in front of you.
2) Thought: Remember your thoughts at the moment.
3) Message: Review the message that you received as a result of the experience.
4) Physical Feelings: Take note of the physical symptoms that you experience and
review them as well.

Take all the time you need to review the Cause, Thought, and Message.

Cause: A stranger/A b
ught: Each time I meet a stranger, I am anxious./Each time I see
a bug, I am afraid.
The stranger is not to be trusted and will embarrass me. I
am afraid of being criticized and rejected./The bug is going to
sting me, and I will develop a rash and an incurable illness.
Physical Feelings:
Meeting a stranger: Blushing, muscles tension,
sweating/A bug: heartbeat increases, abdominal pain, nausea.

And now, consider a
different perspective where the Cause is the same, regardless, and cannot be changed since the situation did occur. However, imagine your thoughts being quite contrary and totally opposite of those you previously experienced.

IMAGINE yourself NOT being anxious or afraid. Take all the time you need and trust your thoughts. Consider this option to its full extent. You will realize that you can experience a different thought process and physical feelings that are unlike the original ones.

IMAGINE yourself NOT sweating or feeling nauseous and take deep breaths. Listen to your heartbeat and reject all fears and obstacles that interfere with your life because you have decided to no longer allow emotional and physical discomfort regardless of the cause.

To become totally aware of everything is to be able to change the realization of what was always there in the first place. The distinction can be made once perception of the experiences starts its growth.

When something is perfect, it is endlessly polishing its glow. And when the shine becomes stronger, it is easier to see.
Anne R. Arenfeld is in private practice to help individuals from all paths of life overcome obstacles to make their lives happy. She continues to research beneficial results to bring knowledge and understanding to the individual in search of mental and spiritual freedom. A CUNY, AIU, and University of Geneva graduate, Dr. Arenfeld is a certified professional. Post Doctoral Training: American Ortho-Psychiatric Association/Interdisciplinary Approaches to Mental Health

Cosmic Currents, July 2015 by Faith Linda Weissman

We move forward under the three-month parasol of the Summer Solstice which occurred on June 21. Many astrologers keep the Winter Solstice as the 'great awning' under which the year unfurls, and every three months another parasol is added for greater protective understanding.

The summer began hot and humid as though this is presaging a lot of what is to come in the next couple of summer months (though we've also had some unusually cool days in late June). Gas hot Jupiter remains in the fire sign of Leo throughout most of the summer with another hottie, Venus, staying close beside him in the heavens, so I am not optimistic for the kind of miraculous temperate summer we had on the East Coast in 2014.

We are not fooled by the icy winter we all just experienced and remain alert to all the cautionary words that scientists have been, somewhat frantically, uttering for a very long time.

Change regarding the environment seems to be much slower than what is happening in the socio-cultural sphere, e.g., the historic decision by the Supreme Court regarding marriage equality. The Papal Encyclical on climate change was overshadowed by the well-deserved attention on the Court decision. As a planetary body, we need deep change in how we live our lives on Mother Earth. The climate issues go beyond history even, the issue that shakes our very foundations on this planet. It involves, impacts, and is intertwined with the practical details of daily life everywhere in every way. Looking squarely at global warming forces us as individuals, corporations, businesses, and countries to alter our habits. All of it affects our economics, which is a great challenge and obstacle.

True change for most people is very difficult; transformation that much more so. It requires 'deconditioning' of the mind, and for most, entering deep states of non-ordinary consciousness. Much then asks to be reassessed and that demands an 'intentionality' and a strong WILL - a spiritual quality related to the highest Sephira (locus of energy emanations) on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalist tradition. The emanation from this place moves down through the Sephirot related to WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING (the mental bodies). All still higher than LOVE.

For more on this, please see Rollo May's brilliant book, Love and Will; it shows these two spiritual forces are connected from the perspective of a brilliant humanistic psychologist who referred to the mythological tradition. Also, take note of the work of Italian psychologist, Roberto Assagioli, who founded the psychological movement known as psychosynthesis, a spiritual and holistic approach to psychology which emphasizes the possibility of progressive integration of the personality around its own essential Self through the use of the Will.

On JUNE 16 we had the lunation at 25° Gemini 07'

Sabian Symbol for 26 degrees Gemini: "Frost-covered trees against winter skies." Is this reminding us, as we picnic and lounge in the bounty of summer, of what we have just passed through, and how we need to prepare for the coming winter?

There are different symbol sets for the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Another for 26 Gemini, from the Kozminsky Symbols, is: "A broken trident falling into the sea." This speaks of Neptune and the oceans, and we continue to watch the powerful Neptune transit of Pisces.

On JUNE 21, we had the Summer Solstice as the Sun entered 00 Cancer. Mars was at 28°+ Gemini, close to the all-important Mid-Heaven and a few days was on the 00° Cancer degree itself, the World Axis, acting as a trigger to the Solstice chart. Indeed, the Supreme Court decision reflects this placement that affects so many 'households' (Cancer) in the U.S.

The shadow period for the Venus retrograde period begins. (See July 25 below.)

Full Moon at 9° 55' of the Capricorn/Cancer axis at 10:19 pm EDT.

The gorgeous Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 21+ Leo, approaching vividly in the evening sky for weeks is finally here, just trined Uranus at 20° + Aries. Before the Moon entered Capricorn July 1, it was in late Sagittarius, forming a grand trine with the above mentioned.

There is unity of energetic movement here this month with each of the bodies at the midpoint of the other two/three in the grand trine. The two 'benefics' are involved, so let's be optimistic as to what will ensue in the mundane sphere. In your private lives, if these degrees and signs align with those in your own chart, you may find it smoother sailing in certain areas than usual.

New Moon at 23 Cancer 14' at 9:24 pm EDT.

There is an emphasis on polarities with Pluto in wide opposition to the lunation. Just hours earlier the Moon exactly opposed Pluto, and the Sun does so the first week of July. Pluto is these months opposing the natal Sun degree of the U.S. bringing deep change such as we saw from the Supreme Court.

The Trans-Neptunian meta-planet Cupido, a signifier of marriage and community, is opposite at 24° Capricorn 21' near the IC, another signifier for the High Court decision.

The lunation is trine Saturn in the last degrees of Scorpio before the exacting disciplinarian, who also rewards for hard work, heads back into Sagittarius for two and a half years; the Sun is in exact trine in five days, so we shall see what occurs around July 20.

Jupiter has just entered the next sign, Virgo, for his yearly sojourn in that practical service and work oriented sign in which attention to details is mandatory. We say something of a good-bye to the more freewheeling energy, and to the entertainment expansions of the Leo Jupiter and to some of Leo's other enthusiasms. Though, with the Sun here for weeks more and Venus having a very long stay here while she retrogrades and then comes back over the same degrees, we can still expect that our spirits will be oriented towards the fun areas that the summer holds out as our reward for the winter.

Venus stations retrograde at 00° Virgo 46' at 5:28 am EDT. She continues her backward seeming journey all through August and only goes direct on September 6. Then, of course, we also have a few weeks of shadow. During this period, many will re-examine relationships, our money and the beautiful things we like to spend it on, and how we create beauty in our lives. The crux of the issues are the underlying values that bring these parts of our lives to manifestation. What and who do we really care about and give our time and resources to?

Uranus stations retrograde at 20° Aries at 6:38 am EDT. Mars squares this station and the Moon squares Venus. The unexpectedness and drama we expect from Uranus should be intensified.

Full Moon at 7° 46' of the Aquarius/Leo axis at 6:53 am EDT.

Faith Linda Weissman
is committed as a 'spiritual midwife' to expansive development centered on inner freedom of her clients, students, and workshop participants. Astrology is the blueprint for the therapeutic encounter, but there is also divination with the I Ching, the wisest and oldest of books. Her counseling and twenty-year Reiki healing practice is rooted in decades of Zen and other committed spiritual practices and metaphysical explorations. She has received personal transmissions and mentoring in the Kabbalah of Light Imagery, Dream and Morphology traditions from Dr. Gerald Epstein. She has been a storyteller and taught at many learning institutes, including the C. G. Jung Center, and is a lay leader in the Jewish Renewal Movement. Contact Faith Linda at

Summer Spotlight: Healthy Recipes by Irina Gubenko

Summer is upon us. It is extremely easy to slip into NON-healthy diets during this fun season. Here are some yummy healthy recipes to help you stay on the wellness track while keeping your guests impressed!

Pad Thai Raw style in simple steps!

4-5 cups shredded zucchini
2-3 cups of shredded carrots
1 cup shredded red cabbage
1 sliced red bell pepper
1-2 cups of sliced mushrooms
1 cup bean sprouts
1/2 cup chopped cilantro
1 cup of sliced scallions
1 drop of Young Living Peppermint essential oil
Juice of one lime
1/4 cup of crushed pistachios as a topping

Sesame Ginger Dressing:
3/4 cup raw, unhulled sesame seeds
1/2 cup fresh apple juice
1/3 cup orange juice
1/4 cup crushed pistachios
1/4 cup tamarind sauce
1 drop Young Living Ginger essential oil
1/2 - 1 lime squeezed

1) Blend dressing until smooth.
2) Prepare your veggies by slicing, dicing and shredding.
3) Combine sauce and veggies in a bowl, top with dressing, and enjoy!

Lavender Green Tea

1 carafe with distilled water
1-2 green tea bags
1 drop of Lavender Young Living essential oil
Honey or agave to taste
Half a lemon (squeezed)

Serve chilled.
Irina Gubenko is a Certified Aromatherapist and Wellness Consultant, CIBTAC Certified Spa Director, student at Brahma Kumaris spiritual organization, volunteer at God's Love We Deliver. She holds college degrees in psychology and education, as well as multiple certifications in business management. Irina offers Zyto biotechnology consultations with individualized aromatherapy and wellness plans that meet your body's physical and emotional needs. She also educates holistic wellness practitioners on successful integration of essential oils into their practices. Irina's vision is to help others live a healthier more vibrant life with essential oils. Twitter @SpaIrina,
spicehon, 718-986-3724


Free Ongoing Monthly Teleseminar

The Answers Lie Within: Do-It-Yourself Tools for Healing, Wellness and Living
with Dr. Patricia (Trish) A. Muehsam, M.D.

Dates: Monday, July 20; Monday, August 17; Tuesday, September 15
Time: 8:00 - 9:15 PM EST (5:00 - 6:15 PM PST)

Goal: Empower yourself to access your own inner wisdom for healing, wellness, and living. The answers do lie within.

Learn about and experience mindbody medicine tools for transformation in all areas of your life: health, finances, work, life path, relationships, metaphysical and/or spiritual concerns. These tools include bodymind awareness, breathwork, emotional release techniques, journaling, and more.

Sessions are informal and organic, guided by the needs of participants. You'll have the opportunity to bring up any concerns/issues you may have, but there is no pressure to share if you choose not to.

To best prepare for the teleseminar: Make a list of any/all issues in your life that you seek to shift. Wear loose, comfortable clothing for easy breathing. Have writing tools handy (paper and pen/pencil.)

Fee: There is no fee to participate.
Dial-in information: 7
12-432-1212 Conference ID: 173-305-736

For mo
re information:, 212-946-5700

Yin Healing Arts An Oasis for Women

Providing wellness and balance using massage and other healing modalities
in a relaxing atmosphere for healing and rejuvenation.

Deep tissue and prenatal massage.

TRS Suites
40 Exchange Place, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10005 email:

Calm Your Nervous System New Groups Forming for Your Healing Path

Anxiety, panic, anger, rage, hopelessness, depression, sadness, body aches, and ailments, these are a few of the sensations that hijack our nervous systems when we become overwhelmed or experience trauma.

So how do we catch and re-regulate our nervous systems before they either go into overdrive or plummet?

We will learn through meditation, music, grounding, and mainly Somatic Experiencing (SE) experiential exercises how we can accomplish nervous system regulation. SE is a short-term, gentle, naturalistic body/mind model in treating trauma and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Through SE experiential sensate exercises, taught verbally and through hands on work, we will explore, as a group, ways to help our systems.

The focus of this group will be learning how to build a resource container, a toolbox, unique to our own nervous systems that we can dip into when needed.

Together we will build a safe and committed group.

I hope you can join us!

Lynn Bourbeau

on my website.
Please call with questions, payment info (including payment plans), and to register!
Please share this with family, friends, and colleagues.

Note: If you are a professional healthcare provider receiving this, please consider this group as an adjunct to your individual client work.


DATES: Wednesdays, July 8, 15, 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26
TIME: 6:30 - 8:30 PM
PLACE: TRS, 40 Exchange Place (between Broad and William Streets), 3rd floor,
New York, NY, 10005

Beatrice Rich's artistic expressions of the characters in her work about a little girl, Vanessa, and her experiences with an Angel are delightful, truly succinct descriptions of what some would call a "magical" foray into a spiritual understanding of life.

The characters in Rich's cartoon collection, Cats and Dogs, are downright original and refreshing. The collection strikes the "funny bone" in the intellect. Like a gentle strike to a gong, it resonates after you've turned the page. A real bit of intelligent humor, whimsy, and thoughtful introspection.

Rich's books are available at and other bookstores.

ADVOCARE "We Build Champions"

Come join our journey to health and wellness with Advocare at TRS.

Advocare is a health and wellness nutrition company with 22 years dedicated to providing ultimate nutrition for life. With over 76 products formulated to fit people from all walks of life...from the mother who needs a little more the business person working long athletes - we have products to enhance your life.

Our Science and Medical Advisory Board is made up of nutritionists and doctors...specialists in pharmacology, nutrition, toxicology, sports performance, and pediatrics. Advocare even offers a skin care products line that makes sure you look as good as you feel. Products are safe and effective for children to consume with consultation.


Spark, our mental focus/energy drink is tops on the list for most Advocare product users. Athletes are so impressed by Advocare productsthat none of their recommendations are financially compensated. Look for our logo with the red and blue "A" on national television, on Fox News Online, CW, ABC, HGTV and the Food Network.

Find out more about how Advocare products can enhance your "personal best".

Even as a solid business opportunity.

Come meet us at TRS

Come let us Spark your Interest!
Sample our products for yourself.

Meetings are held every month at TRS. Call for dates and times.
40 Exchange Place. 3rd Floor
New York, New York
Contact Norman Cole 212-234-1727
Lashawn James 862-944-2671.

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