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Court victory for whales!

BIG NEWS: Yesterday, a federal court, siding with NRDC and our partners -- and whales -- ruled that U.S. Navy training exercises off the coasts of Southern California and Hawaii illegally harm whales, dolphins and countless other marine mammals.

This is a huge victory in our long-running legal battle to end the Navy's senseless attack on whales -- and we have NRDC Members and activists like you to thank.

You stood with us every step of the way, deluging President Obama and even the Navy with hundreds of thousands messages calling for immediate action to protect marine mammals from the Navy's deafening blasts. You also lent your generous financial support to help us fight tooth and nail in court for as long as it took to win.
For years, the Navy has used high-powered sonar and explosives in training exercises around the world that scientists know are harmful to whales, including endangered blue, fin and humpback whales. The Navy itself predicts this sonic bombardment could kill nearly 1,000 whales and deafen or injure thousands more in coming years.

Yesterday's federal court ruling finally set the record straight, deeming that the impact of those underwater assaults were incorrectly assessed as "negligible" -- and are therefore illegal.

But make no mistake: our fight for whale survival is far from over. NRDC will continue fighting -- in and out of court -- to defend whales and make sure the Obama Administration follows through with desperately-needed safeguards protecting marine mammals without compromising our military readiness.

Thank you for making this amazing victory possible. Together, our hard work truly paid off.