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New York bans tiger selfies

Have you heard the great news coming out of New York? As of February 7th, it will be illegal to pose (or take a selfie) with a tiger, jaguar, cougar, leopard, or mountain lion. Effectively, the state of New York will be putting an end to direct contact between people and big cats.

As you know, we’ve been campaigning to shine a spotlight on the suffering of captive wild animals in entertainment. People usually aren’t aware that a ‘once in a lifetime’ selfie with a captive tiger means a lifetime of suffering for that animal. Wild animals belong in the wild and when used for entertainment, their behavior can be highly unpredictable. Tourists around the world have been mauled or attacked when posing with wild animals.

New York’s new law is a vital measure that will protect animals and people. We applaud the New York State Assembly for passing this tremendously positive measure that we hope will inspire other states to enact similar laws. Using the hashtag #NYBigCats15, please join me in thanking the state of New York for taking action to protect big cats by showing your appreciation on social media.

Together, we’ll end the needless suffering of animals in entertainment for good.