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In This Free For All for VOTE 2008..Are We Still Living In The Game Show World of "Did /Will Your Vote Count?!"

In the rush to gather money to see who will get the press/promotion/ads for the primary to see who will be candidate for President, there seems to be something missing.

Where is the necessity of safeguarding our most precious vote..knowing that each voice will be heard? There is still no legislation to protect the process. So, no matter who runs, how will we know who wins? Even without going into the TV special that has shown that the voting tallies can be stolen or hacked, America been through two presidential elections with glaring irregularities. Haven't we learned anything?

With more people registering as independents, it is now far from just a partisan concern. It is about some thugs who decided that they did and do not have to play fair. The bigger the lie, the bigger the cheat, the easier it is to get away with it. America was already in shock before Al Gore stood at the podium and said, " I won't fight." regardless of how many Americans were counting on that fight to make it right. Well, it is time to insure that such a debacle NEVER occurs again. Forewarned is forearmed, so it is said. How many times does this American promise have to be trampled on before Americans stand up and solve the problem by eliminating the possibility of fraud?

Ask the candidates HOW they intend to protect the vote they will be asking for. No, demand it. This is not about raising money. Money will not fix this. Only integrity and that old American grit will safeguard this basic right. Nothing they say will matter a hill of beans if the process can be stolen and sold like swag off the back of a truck.