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Help Stop CITIES From Opening The Doors To Killing Elephants and Bobcats. Deadline 4/23/07!

In June, the more than 170 countries that have signed the
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild
Fauna and Flora will meet in The Netherlands to discuss trade
protections for dozens of plant and animal species.

Three of the proposals that will be considered relate to
international trade in African elephant parts and products,
ivory in particular. Elephants have been the victims of an
intense international tug-of-war over ivory trade, and the
outcome of the June proposals will mean life or death for tens
of thousands of elephants. Write to the Fish & Wildlife Service
now, asking them to protect elephants.
CLICK HERE: https://community.hsus.org/campaign/HSI_CITES07_elephants/w6ik8s64rxxee7n?

Another proposal, submitted by the United States, would
completely remove CITES protection for the bobcat. In effect,
this would mean that there would be no international or federal
government oversight of the export of bobcat skins. If the
bobcat was to be removed from CITES protection, illegal trade
would likely increase and similar species would be threatened.
Urge the U.S. government to withdraw this proposal now.
CLICK HERE: https://community.hsus.org/campaign/HSI_CITES07_bobcats/w6ik8s64rxxee7n?

Thanks for all you do for animals!


Andrew Rowan
Chief Executive Officer
Humane Society International