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Cool Compamy

Vermont-based ice cream maker BEN & JERRY'S made a huge decision on behalf of laying hens recently when, after discussions with us (HSUS), the company pledged not to use eggs from hens confined in "battery cages" in its ice cream. The company - which uses 100 million eggs a year - will phase out its use of battery eggs, which come from birds in cages so small they can't even spread their wings. The decision will affect the lives of 300,000 laying hens.

In saying no to battery eggs, Ben and Jerry's joins
Andronico's Market , a San Francisco Bay area grocery chain, which will now sell only cage-free eggs, and the University of Iowa, which has ended its use of battery eggs in its dorms and student union. Other large retailers and corporations, along with more than 100 U.S. universities and schools, have made the switch, too. For more on this growing trend - and what you can do to promote it - visit www.nobatteryeggs.com.
allanimals, Winter 2007 Humane Society of the United States