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Actualism, "the teaching that heals...the healing that teaches..." is a unique synthesis of ancient wisdom teachings and contemporary psychological principles. The individual learns to express the light of personal inner fire into all daily activity as a growing statement of unique creative power and to bring about the increasing integration of Body-Mind-Spirit-Identity for greater well being.
Using techniques of precision navigation and focused thought, the inner fire (also known as Agni or Chi) brings light into darkened areas of consciousness. This focused light-fire consumes obstructions to the free flow of life-energy from sources within the individual. Removing the distortions and obstructions produced by conditioning allows the illuminating aspect of inner light to reveal the actual design of personality systems.
With the growing awareness, one experiences greater degrees of inner wholeness by harmonizing and balancing the magnetic and dynamic aspects of one's nature. Fuller self-expression and the ability to communicate at every level of consciousness ultimately leads to a greater experience of unity within oneself and with all kingdoms of life.
The formulation of this teaching was the life's work of Russell Paul Schofield, the founder of Actualism. Until his death in 1984, Dr. Schofield continued to explore and expand Lightwork technology and processes. This work, also known as "The Star Path to Actuality" is now carried on by a highly trained staff at Star Centers located in California and New York.
Through programs like the Star-Path Seminars TM and the Actualism web site, "the teaching that heals...the healing that teaches" is now flowing outward along the planetary networks of light to earthe the actual interdependent interrelationship of all life on this planet.